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As millions are asleep at the wheel, my team and I are leading a movement through the most significant wealth transition in human history.

“3T has taught me to develop positive habits, learn how to create obtainable goals, develop a plan and activate.”

David G. - Warrior Academy Member

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Financial Freedom Is Great..
Holistic Freedom is King

Many people dream of having financial freedom, the ability to live life on their terms, but just making a lot of money won’t get you there. Financial freedom is like a side effect of working on yourself, your beliefs, and your financial skills. It’s a bit like going to college – you’re not there for the degree itself, but it’s what you earn by putting in the effort to learn and grow. Similarly, by focusing on improving yourself, your mindset, and your understanding of money, you naturally achieve financial freedom without struggling for it. That’s why the “5P Framework” was created, to help people like you build the essential skills and habits step by step, like adding rungs to a ladder as you climb toward your goals. It’s a proven process that thousands have used to transform their lives and achieve holistic freedom
The 5 Phases Framework

“I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t implemented the 5P framework for myself”

The Framework that Coach JV and his team have developed was the missing piece for me. I’ve tried several “programs” out there to help me get beyond the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. This framework gave me a clear path. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t committed to the 5P framework. I am forever grateful for this team”

Haliegh Russell

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

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