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Achieving your goals requires a strong collective effort, and our team possesses the passion, commitment, and expertise needed to make it happen.


CEO & Founder

Jeremy Quintanilla

Chief Financial Officer

Mae Warner

Chief Operating Officer

Julissa Quintanilla

Head of Client Success

Jackie Routhier

Head of Crypto Research

Brenda Medina

Head of Content

Chris Zerafa

Sales Representative

Dustin Malossini

Media Director

Josh “Crom” Tyrrell

Media Lead

Heidi Love

Events Manager

Tom Koehn

Head Coach / Gym Manager

Chris Russell


Andrew Cashflow

Technical Analysis / Crypto Team

Janna Krouse

Customer Service

Noah Spitzer

Discord Manager

Abdullah Nassif

Host / Crypto Team

Mario De Sousa

Crypto Team


Crypto Team

Johnny Krypto

Crypto Team

Jose Gonzalez

3T Espanol

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