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8,000+ warriors, from more than 25 countries lives have been radically changed. Are you next?

"They help others believe they can too."

What I find most valuable in the 3T Warrior Academy is I get to meet new friends all over this world. that have similar stories and was able to rise and not give up.

Brandon Nelson 

"This has never been about just money here in the academy"

For me it’s about becoming financially free enough to help others and meet needs!

Jaymie Clark

"You have been the strongest influence in my life."

Happy 4th of July, wish I was there so I could help you as a chiropractor to get better. Wish you all the best in the world...

Michele Benvenuti

"I believe in this community and the individuals that make it"

This community has shown me that I have untapped potential and something to offer. I am still growing, learning and falling, but this Warrior Community has my back and I believe it.

Philip Hosler 

"Definitely loving this Academy!"

I am grateful to say that I found THE coach that I needed for guidance and knowledge. Thanks Coach JV

Carlos Plaza 

"I decided to make the commitment to the Generational Shifter mentorship"

I started the 120 day challenge a few months ago. I was able to let go of a deep rooted pain that was lingering below the surface which created a flood of emotion.

Gary Wardrip 

"3T has taught me to develop positive habits, learn how to create obtainable goals, develop a plan and activate."

Understanding that this academy will help guide you to build the necessary blocks to create a healthy lifestyle which is a process that goes up and down.

Doc Narosky 

"This community is unbelievable…"

Take the time to immerse yourself in the zoom & community calls...the energy is next level! It’s changed my life!!

Stephan Lecouteur 

"Thank you, Coach JV and all members involved!"

I wholeheartedly support this academy and am sharing it with those who are ready to explore a place of healing. You will change the world and make planet Earth a place of love and connection over the long term. 

James Edwards 

"I know that with all the knowledge Coach JV shares and the amazing 3T family share and teach us as well."

I wanna build myself and prepare myself for when the time comes and the money comes I know exactly what to do with it, how to protect and move my money.!

Luis Pineda 

"I am immensely grateful to be a part of the amazing 3T Warrior Academy.."

Joining the #3TWarriorAcademy and the 120 Day Challenge has been one of the best decisions I've made. CJV, I can't thank you enough for changing my life and being such an inspiration to all of us.

Lillian Gonzalez 

"3T Academy is the perfect place to eliminate procrastination and to take the steps necessary to get out of the rat race."

I believe that the 3T Warrior Academy can provide me with the resources I need to achieve that.

Fernando Enciso 

We’re On Mission To Impact 1M
Lives in 2024. Are You Next?

"The more videos I saw the more I felt connected, the more truth I heard led me here to 3T Warrior Academy."

I'm breaking away from my indoctrination and have a clear path to a better version of myself. I'm just happy to be here at this time and join this amazing.

David Munoz 

"I was lost and scattered brained honestly before I joined the academy."

The academy was the foundation of my habits, information, and connections to jumpstart my freedom journey.

Trevor McManus 

"The academy has helped me grow a lot in the little time."

I've been here and I want to thank all the warriors out there for making such a great community. Much love, y'alls positivity is our future. 

Shane Hootman

"I've started eating better, working out and being and feeling more positive."

I am now 42 yrs old and just now realizing my true potential thanks to Coach, and all of the warriors who had nothing but positivity to bring me out of my low state.

Michael Belcher 

"I am grateful for the love and support."

As we are growing and building ourselves up and helping each other we are building a new foundation that we can continue to build on. Much love to you all! 

Clinton Schultz 

“I want to thank everyone on the 3T warrior team”

I came across the 3T warrior academy 2 years ago, kick myself in the butt for not joining back then! This platform is a positive thing that is creating a massive impact.

Ivette Revuelta 

"Excited to join the Warriors community."

Excited to join the Warriors community and get to know each of you. Look forward to growing together.

Thanks for having me 

Lee Roberts 

"The academy has shown us so much, to empower ourselves, think logically and grow into the people we always wanted to be."

Strength comes from within. We are warriors! Thank you cjv and team, the work you are doing is changing lives!

Aaron D 

"Joined the Warrior Academy in 2020, during a pursuit for a better version of myself."

Found a tribe and family that motivates me to be better everyday. 

Mario De Sousa 

"This has been the best decision that I have made to enter these next phases of life"

I have a huge win that I want to thank all of you warriors for the positive energy, vibes and the atmosphere that has helped lift me up and reach a better version of myself.

Jordan Walker 

"I have found that here and I firmly believe in the mission behind 3T!"

As a professional in any occupation, sport, or in pursuit of greater success in life, having a legitimate coach [or coaches] who share the understanding and decency required to elevate collective consciousness is crucial.

Eric Frank 

"I start my day and end my day in the Warrior Academy."

Everything that Coach JV speaks resonates with me on such a deep level. The knowledge he shares to help us navigate through all the ‘happenings’ of the world is so priceless. I feel so happy to be a part of this!

Shannon Lee 

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